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Stand Alone Sermon Archive

Supporting Cross-Cultural Missions to Unreached People

by Nathan Gapper | 4/13/2016

Got Hope?

by Rev Andrea Messinger | 3/27/2016

The Most Perfect Prayer in the World

by Rev Andrea Messinger | 3/20/2016

Rest for the Stressed

by Rev Andrea Messinger | 3/13/2016

Truth and Love Go Hand In Hand

by Tommy Messinger | 3/26/2016

Reading the Times

by Kerry Schottelkorb | 2/28/2016

The Amazing Prerequisite for Waiters

by Rev Fulton Lytle | 2/21/2016

How's It Going With God's #1 Command?

by Rev Fulton Lytle | 02/14/2016

Youth Sunday Testimony

by Daniel Salazar | 9-6-2015

Unheard Of pt II

by Kerry Schottelkorb | 8/30/2015

Living From the Inside Out

by Rev Andrea Messinger | 07/25/2015